Saturday, December 10, 2011

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Hi Folks
I am Ed It-tore
      Let me tell you a bit about old Unk.
      When I tried to get him to fill in this box thinking you might what to know who he is.
     He just brushed me aside as is his custom when he is uncomfortable with the subject with a bit of bluster.  "There are a lot more important things to talk about than to waste time talk-in about the likes me". 
So instead here I am saying a few words on his behalf.
       Unk for the most part is a hermit, a pilgrim, and poet. He seems to know a little bit about every thing but if questioned you will find he doesn't know a whole lot about any one thing. If he has a strength or particular talent it lies in remembering what little he knows and putting it all together in a fashion that best makes sense of the few bit he has.  How old he is, no one really knows for sure. He may have known old George Washington, personally, for all I know.  I have heard him talk about Valley Forge and the cold like he was still there. There was a kind of a far away look in his eye like someone deep in thought and reliving a moment like those who return from war with post traumatic stress.  But if you ask him in an effort to try and pin him down he just acts like he didn't hear you or bushes aside your question saying "I'm old but not that old. Sides no body could be that old could they"?
       As I have tried to capture his essence in the little sketches he has talked about I thought it would be interesting to the reader to pepper the commentary with foot notes to all the stuff out there on the internet about the subject that was at hand.  The work contained here in is not to be misconstrued as the only truth and above all not the compliant truth. 
      There is a whole lot more things out there kicking around than most folks  should even want know about. Like Unk said when he got off the line for the first time. "I am not sure about all this stuff they call 'Adult entertainment'. One I don't find it much entertaining in the first place and it seems a bit juvenile to me. I think it is a tool of the devil to distract us from the real business of why we are here."
Home Schooling 
        Like Unk say "The only way to get-er done right is for a feller to get-er  fir his self. He thinks that is one of the biggest problems today.  "There is just too much sit-en around complain-en about the direction the other feller is taken us and not enough lets get-er done the way we want it. Take schools for example: That feller Marx is in about every book I've pick up and folks have a right to think about that how they will. But friends, has it work any where they tried it.  There are three ways of do-in a thing.  Now we can sit around and debate what is the right or wrong way to do a thing until congress finally makes our republic safe by going into recess or we can do what works for our selves. Now if a whole lot of folks get busy a try-en a thing then I am sure that one of them is bound to find a better way that works.  I remember when all a feller needed was a Sharp Axe and a good Kentucky rife and he could get along quite well out on his own.
      Your help is needed to grow these few wits of wisdom into being and successful in making a useful contribution to knowledge that now seems drown out in over stimulation found at every turn on the inter net, and by know it all instructors of higher learn-en waving books about That Karl Marx feller in your face all the time.